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KEVRON Global is a dynamic, results-focused, professional business firm. Established in 1997 and exclusively owned by partners from diverse business backgrounds, that takes proactive roles in providin…

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Sweet/Myrrh is the natural resin that comes from the genus Commiphora tree species. The produce in this category come in different types, grades and sizes; in pea size, in powder...

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Gum Arabic is the hardened sap of the Acacia Senegal tree and is primarily used in the food industry as an emulsifier and also in lithography, in printing, paint production...

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This ago-products category and grades are different based on; sizes(lump or pea size), powder form and with sifting and packs. All products are resins from species of the genus Boswellia...

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Our Charcoal is made from hardwood, its calorific value is greater than that most other wood and Minimal pollution threat. This is a great product for barbequing, industrial or heating...

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Currently, branding importance is widely recognized in all sectors of industries. Kevron Global is an experience service provider consisting of professional products brokers and marketing experts located in West Africa...

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We are in constant receipts of commercial and residential properties investments opportunities throughout the united kingdom and West-Africa. Our focused areas of interest has a thriving market trends that ensures...

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