We are in constant receipts of commercial and residential properties investments opportunities throughout the united kingdom and West-Africa. Our focused areas of interest has a thriving market trends that ensures now is a appropriate time to act. We offer a range of new developments, properties with below market value from clients in search of fast sales, commercial properties and auction information.


Our expert team, which includes a diverse range of property professionals with many years of experience within the industry, are always looking for new exciting property development opportunities. Any property development project, to be considered by us for inclusion as a showcased investment must offer returns on investment above the norm and fully satisfy our expectations that the project will be a success.

Firstly the development must be a West AFRICA or United Kingdom project being undertaken by an established property developer with a proven track record.

It must be a prestigious high-value development in an area where historically property values and local demand can be proven to guarantee high profitability for the project providing high rates of returns to investors.

As part of our due diligence process we will inspect the site, confirming that the development has full planning permission, complies with all local building regulations and that the work will be supervised by a qualified architect with architect certificates provided at all key stages of the development including a completion statement.

We prefer property developments that will complete within a relatively short period of time, typically within 1 to 2 years.

Contact us now whether you are a property developer or investor looking to grow in our market of focus.

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